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AFNOR (France) proposal for a new Technical Committee ISO 26000

News at Thursday 16 July: Positive voting results (2/3 and 27 NSBs in favor) for the:

AFNOR (ISO National Standard Body of France) proposal to found a ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Technical Committee.

The purpose is to develop a set of standards to become the “ISO 26000 series”:

  • Standard ISO 26000
  • Implementation standard(s)
  • Specific social responsibility issues: standards, technical specifications, technical reports

Download AFNOR proposal for ISO 26000 TC

SGN Statements

ISO 26000 SGN welcomes every initiative to put ISO 26000 into the spotlights. However SGN leadership emphasizes the importance of maintaning a balanced multi-stakeholder approach (like in the former Working Group) for any revision or new activities regarding ISO 26000.

Read here the statements of ISO 26000 SGN Leadership and Stakeholder Groups

SGN Leadership also emphasizes the regular way forward: a new Systematic Review of ISO 26000 is planned to be opened in October 2020.

SGN stakeholder meetings

Note: next SGN stakeholder meeting will take place at:

  • Tuesday 28 July 11.00 AM Paris time.

During the ISO 26000 SGN stakeholder meeting at 30 April 2020 the members gave their opinion to the AFNOR proposal, which led to several conclusions:

  • there is need for revision of ISO 26000, for example the connection with the SDGs;
  • a revision needs to build on the current standard, without deleting or shortening text;
  • the multi-stakeholder approach is key, including intergovernmental organizations like UN, ILO and ITUC;
  • a list of issues of the PPO regarding previous Systematic Reviews should be taken into account;
  • a strong doubt and even objection for more ISO 26000 standards, like certification and/or sector standards.
  • doubt if a TC is needed.