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Statements regarding the AFNOR proposal

There is no room for jealousies, only for cooperation.

The conclusion of the SGN Leadership statement is as follows:

  • the SGN leadership supports the AFNOR proposal and/or the Systematic Review of October 2020, and
  • SGN leadership urges ISO/TMB to decide that any revision process of ISO 26000:2010 is carried out with at least as strong procedures and balanced stakeholder engagement and regional balance that characterized the development. This would greatly contribute to the continued legitimacy of the standard and the process.

You can read the Statements of SGN Leadership and the Ambassadors of the stakeholder groups Industry, Labour and Consumers.

Download the ISO 26000 SGN Statements


You can also download the Q & A slides of AFNOR for further clarification of the proposal.

Download the AFNOR Q&A slides