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Third ISO 26000 Systematic Review released

ISO has released a third Systematic review of ISO 26000:2010 from 15 October 2020 till 15 March 2021.

All National Standard Bodies can vote if ISO 26000 needs to be revised/amended, confirmed (remain as it is), converted to another form of deliverable, or withdrawn.

In case you want to know more about the ISO Systematic Review procedures:

Download ISO brochure Systematic Review

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ISO 26000 Systematic Review 2013-2014

The first Systematic Review was held from 15 October 2013 till 15 March 2014 and resulted in ‘Confirm’.

ISO 26000 Post Publication Organisation (PPO) compiled some of the major findings in document N41:  “Prioritized areas for revision of ISO 26000:2010”.

Download N41 PPO Prioritized areas for revision

Download N31 PPO Voting results 2013/2014

ISO 26000 Systematic Review 2017

The second Systematic Review of 15 January till 5 June 2017 also resulted in ‘Confirm’ after two rounds of ballot.

ISO 26000 Post Publication Organisation (PPO) recommended some boundaries in case of a future revision, in addition to the results of the voting in document N66.

Download N66 PPO Voting results and recommended boundaries