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The road to ISO 26000 SGN

When ISO 26000 was finalized, in the last Working Group meeting in May 2010 in Copenhagen, a resolution was passed to create a Post Publication Organisation (PPO) with a Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) and a NSB Information Network (NIN). The PPO gave advice to the ISO Technical Member Board on any issues related to ISO 26000 after its publication in November 2010. The PPO operated until the withdrawal in July 2018, of its NSB sponsors, SIS from Sweden and ABNT from Brazil.

In response to this vacuum, in October 2018 a group of former PPO SAG members came together in Bali, Indonesia, to discuss how to move forward, taking into account the relevance and importance of ISO 26000 for the future, and the fact that it is not covered within any existing TC within ISO.

Therefore the ISO 26000 Stakeholders Global Network was created, with a new leadership and organizational structure based on the multi-stakeholder approach, transparency and accountability. Although many of our members are former members of the WGSR and/or the PPO, we want to make it clear that the SGN, unlike the PPO, operates as a self-constituted organization independent from ISO itself.