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Five officers

ISO 26000 SGN has  an elected leadership of five officers who have an equal leadership vote. Three officers are elected for the role of Chair and Vice Chair. Two officers are elected for the role of Secretariat.

Leadership and Secretariat

  • Chair Martin Neureiter, from Austria, is President of The CSR Company International; he was a Task Group Convenor for the ISO 26000 WGSR
  • Vice Chair Hans Kröder, from the Netherlands, was member of the Integrated Drafting Task Force and SSRO delegate on the PPO SAG, he is founder of Learn2improve your planet
  • Vice Chair Noerman Suharman, from Indonesia, represents the CFCD – Indonesian Corporate Forum on Community Development.
  • Secretary Carolyn Schmidt, from the United States, is from ECOLOGIA, an NGO which had Liaison D status in the ISO 26000 WGSR.
  • Secretary Gefei Yin, from China, is Founder and chief expert of GoldenBee, which works with Chinese businesses and government bodies to develop Social Responsibility programs.

Background of the officers

Leadership and Secretariat were all delegates to the ISO 26000 Working Group on Social Responsibility (WGSR, 2005-2010).

They continued their involvement as members of the Post Publication Organization / Stakeholder Advisory Group (PPO/SAG) from November 2010 till July 2018.