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ISO ESG and ISO 26000 information session 13 May 2022

ISO’s new Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) on ESG is addressing three specific aims as set out by Working Group 1 responsible for ‘Mapping’

  • Identify the relevant ISO standards that will respond and support the achievement of indicators in the various ESG frameworks.
  • Identify alignment, gaps, and opportunities for ISO e.g. specific standards that could be developed, and areas where standards could be modified.
  • Develop recommendations based on the map and guidance on how to strengthen the linkages between ISO standards and ESG frameworks e.g. provide input to the work on stakeholder engagement.

Watch the video of ESG info session (using passcode)

The (Zoom) video passcode is:e@krMFp2

The SGN ESG and ISO 26000 Information session was held on Friday 13 May 2022 from 13.00 – 14.10 hours CET. With ISO ESG Vice Chair Jorge Cajazeira (Brazil) and ABNT Secretariat Eduardo São Thiago.

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